Tuesday, August 23, 2005

.: Tall Dark And Handsome :.

Recently a very good friend of mine who religiously follows the teachings of the 'Dark Side' received this rather interesting message from one of the serial hunters in Friendster and decided to share it with me:

Subject: care 2 b frens?
Date: Friday, August 19, 2005 7:21:00 PM


himy name is Lau Tiam Bok,saw ur profile & interested 2 know more bout u i'm 27 years old, male and furthering my studies in pj

ask me what u desire so that i can provide details

can start with i'm the eldest of 3 have 1 bro & 1sis(twins) & no they don't look alike

like programing, net, swimming, reading & music

height 179cm according 2 sc we got extra taller by 1cm in the morning & minus 1cm in the evening am i boring u with sc facts or i sound like a geek?just joking yeah i love 2 joke around

tall dark handsome(most ppl say that but i think ok onli) let u b the judge if we decided/can meetcos 'beauty' lies in the eye on the beholder

that's all for nowhope 2 hear from u soon warmest regards, smile always & have a nice day

take care bye


Friendster public ID: http://www.friendster.com/user.php?uid=7604596

*cough* ROTFL

I think some lessons can be learnt here... if you want to get a date, first and foremost, please use proper, legible English. Does not have to be something boombastic, but at least with proper grammar and vocabularily, especially on your first message.

Next, I figure if you want to declare yourself as 'tall, dark and handsome', the very least you could do is not publish your picture along with it.

I guess the only consolation is this sad episode is that I told my friend to enquire whether if he's loaded. So Mr. Lau Tiam Bok, I sure hope you have a filthy stash of cash under your bed, coz I figure that'll be the only chance in hell you are gonna get laid.

.: Online Blasphemy :.

I'm going to shift all my previous 2 blogs to this one, as I finally realised that out of marketing ploys, Friendster's Blogs does not allow non-members to post comments, and that kindda suck big time.

For the moment, since most of my ramblings are still in the other two, do take a minute to pay them a visit :)