Wednesday, December 06, 2006

.: Updates :.

Again, I do apologise for the lack of postings lately... been rather caught up with work, and this is probably going to be the last post that I'm gonna do for the (rather eventful) year 2006.

Anyway, as I said, I have been busy, and still is. So I'm going to summarise all the usual stuff into point form this time.

Reflections : 2006

1. Great year for my ventures. Moving along with much more momentum than I would have ever dared imagined.
2. Learnt that true love can only grow indefinitely.
3. Learnt that the human greed is also infinite.
4. As long as you work smart, a bit of procrastination can actually work on your side.
5. Robert Kiyosaki, in his Rich Dad Poor Dad book, is right on.
6. And always buy assets.
7. "Managing people is the toughest thing in any business" holds truer than ever for me.
8. You cannot please everybody. If you need to piss a person off, piss him off and most important of all, terrorize him. Drive in the knife and twist it. And make sure it doesnt heal.
9. The humble pie is toughest to swallow. But it is the most educational, if you care to learn from it.
10. Fear of losing and ego has been my biggest driving force while love brings the counterbalance. I let fear and ego run freely in my working life, and I excelled. I let love run in my social life even more freely. The only trick is how to draw the line between those two.
11. Finally, after 7 years, I have let go of one of my past ghosts.

Moving Forward: 2007 and beyond

1. Get that MBA.
2. Semi-D or corner lot home in Puchong.
3. Refurbish my home in Kuching.
3. Add at least 5 more outlets.
4. SUV
5. Bali and China for us, China for my parents and in-laws.
6. Condo in Sunway.
7. Propose
8. Leave a legacy behind before I quit my current company
9. Healthier living, quit smoking.
10. Politics?

Wishes: 2007


1. DAP and PKR to merge, DSAI to lead.
2. Ku Li to challenge for presidency and win.
3. Strategic Uncle Sam nuke on Pyonyang (the Curly bugger there ain't good news for anybody).
4. Colon thingee flares up again for Pehin the White with great, long and painful suffering before death.

Social and interests:

1. Premiership for the Devils, Champions League or FA as icing
2. A great movie which has been too long since its last (something as memorable as Shawshank Redemption, Love Actually, Ghost or Star Wars)
3. Our best buddy, Yew Seng, to finally see the light and haul his ass back here to Malaysia for good. And yes, also to finally admit that he is married.

Love, Sex and Other things

1. Joey and Amy (just a peek will do)
2. Sarawak, Wilayah, Selangor, Perak and Melaka settled. Sabah and Johor's PO should meet 2006 fiscal year dateline. To complete nationwide expansion, Negeri Sembilan, Perlis, Penang and Pahang and Kedah are the main focus. Terengganu and Kelantan are neglible (as they say, boleh diabaikan).

Monday, September 18, 2006

.: Persuasive Gal :.


LOL. Small wonder then that the Higher Education Ministry estimates 80,000 thousand unemployed (or unemployable) graduates. And I believe the figure includes those that "persuades their Master in Computer Science" from MIT, UCLA, Yale, Harvard etc.

I can't seem to stop grinning from this posting. Hehe. Boy, am I evil or what. *grins* <-- there I go again.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

.: Of Charms and Fate :.

Allow me to deviate a little from the usual themes of my blog today to share some personal insights about charms and fate.

Firstly, I am starting to realise that most humans can only be the master of one particular trait or trade. Recently, for the past year or so, I have acquired quite a bit of a new enterpreneurship skill and is working hard on improving it further.

It has made my life much better and fuller, and I am enjoying myself, having the time of my life.

However, the past couple of weeks have made me realised that once you acquire a new flair, you tend to lose the old ones, slowly but surely. What have I lost? Well, for one, charm. Hard to fanthom (by yours truly, most of all) 'ol Leon losing the touch with the ladies, but nevertheless true.

I shall not delve further into that issue here, but suffice to say it is neither a proud nor easy thing for me to imagine, nevermind openly admit the fact. I know some of the readers would be screaming for details, but you will not get it here.

Weaknesses are meant to be recognized, admitted and worked on. Therefore, I am going to sharpen up on this charm thing for the next couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Next, on Fate. I think Fate works in strange ways. I strongly subscribe to the notion that everything happens for a reason. If you have a kind and noble heart, Fate will favor you. Sometimes things that seems bad or unfavourable happen because Fate is trying to save you from a major catastrophe or screw up.

I've seen this thing happen numerous times, both to myself and to other people, so personally, for that I am thankful to Fate for the kindness.

Don't worry, I still don't believe in the existence of God. Fate, however, is very real, and that there's scientific theories to prove this - basically the notion that everything in the universe is being pre-ordained - some references below:

I can't even begin to try to eplain to you guys the relation between quantum theory and Fate, but it's suffice for now to just say that Fate is a mathematical and scientific proven fact. The third link above refers to a very good and comprehensive book by Stephen Hawking on this subject - oh, and by the way, in case you are wondering, quantum theory, we already have experimental quantum computers.

Basically, in short, when quantum theory real, then Fate in this particular universe that we are existing in is fixed.;hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

.: Viva 2010 :.

As I sat there watching the match between the South Korea and Togo, and with the match being rather subdued at times, I reflected. 7 World Cups and about 1/3 into my life (assuming I live till 60+ or so). And it hit me. This is definitely the last WC which I would be watching when I am:

Single (as in unmarried)
Without offspring(s)
In an age group that start with twenty

And to tell you honestly, strangely enough I can't wait to get to South Africa 2010. And here's why:

  • I would be watching with my superb wife - totally babe_licious, domesticated and to top it all up, a sex goddess... at her prime
  • My kid would just about learn how to kick a football around
  • I would be watching as a millionaire... oh I dunno, maybe around 2 to 2.5 M in current assets
  • I am definitely at my prime too - awesome career, nice cozy house somewhere in Puchong, a 530 Bimmer, a 3.2 L SUV and prolly a Toyota sports car in my front porch
  • I would've travelled to China, Hong Kong, France, America and prolly the Carribeans
  • And after the World Cup, I would be planning for my semi-retirement to be realised somewhere in the 2014 WC.
Far fetched? Castles in the air? Oh ye of little faith. Just watch.

South Africa 2010, here I come!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

.: Perils of Stupidity: Pyramid - A case Study :.

Let's get some things straight: I am not going to mince my words on this publication. I am going to offend a lot of people, but to the rest, I will make good sense.

So to get started, allow me to issue this statement:

All direct sales members / agents are frigging idiots.

Why, you ask ? The fact that you were conned into joining such a crap piece of outfit is the #1 obvious reason, of course. You were desperate, lazy and think you can become rich by doing minimal work. That says a lot about who you are.

Next, just think now. Just where in this fucking world can you actually get money for nothing? You were deceived by statements such as:

Small upfront investment
Money grows exponentially
No need for work
Your downlines will help you earn money
Be a part of a society with hundreds of thousands of "brothers and sisters united"

and last but not least,

Own your own business, gain financial freedom

Allow me to quickly and humbly voice my concerns about those crap above.

First, any investment, no matter how big or small, must have it's fixed Return On Investment (ROI) calculation. That's the very first lesson anyone learns in Financial 101. There is no such thing as "if you get more downlines, you can get your investment in less than xxx amount of time etc". So let's be a bit more blunt in this: in business or financial rules, there is not supposed to be any IFs and WHENs. When you invest any amount of money, and the ROI is not forseeable, then you need to assume you are flushing your hard earned cash down the drain.

Secondly, the statement that 'your money will grow exponentially' backed up by some form of pyramid drawings never fails to crack me up. NO proper and decent business model in this whole bloody world will tell you about money growing exponentially. Money does NOT grow. Basic economics will tell you that commodities (including money) gets transfered from one party to the other, or change form, but it does NOT grow. This means that in the very unlikely event that your money does indeed 'grow' exponentially, someone else is losing that money exponentially. Also, bear in mind that 'someone else' is most probably your best friend, family members or your other 'brother and sisters'. You are so called making money (if you make any at all, that is) at the unfortunate expenses of those closest to you. You see why I despise you ?

No need for work? You have gotta be shitting me. That is pure and utter bullshit, and anyone with a sane mind can see that. If the whole bloody world of 6.1 billion can sit around and watch their money grow by itself, we would have the End Of Days. Make no mistake about that.

No, you say. Your downlines will help you earn the cash after the number crosses a certain threshold, you explain. FUCK YOU, I say. So if you don't work, and they don't work, and neither does their other 'brother and sister united' downlines, where the FUCK is the money gonna come from? Only a weak mind with a desperate soul would believe in shit such as that. Think.

So you want to be a part of a big organization where all the members are considered "Brothers and Sisters in Arms?"? So desperate are you not, to be accepted, to be a part of something which seems so great and vast? Be reminded that you will be nothing but a part of a global con-men organization. A pawn who have to invest money to be a slave to the Organization. Makes sense to you?

And the part about your own business? That sounds good in name, but its gonna make you look like a bunch of clowns to people who are actually successful in the society.

So the next time some stupid bastard / bitch ask you out for a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks (which of course he/she would sit down and not order any drinks) to "look for a potential business partner in the Aromatherapy sector", ask, first and foremost, is he/she making money out of the business. If the answer is Yes, and if they add that they are earning a SHIT LOAD of it, tell them to bring along their last year's tax return form (EA form, in Malaysia).

I have had people whom I havent spoken to for the past 8 years calling me up in the middle of the night suddenly wanting to become my best friend, and also my 'business partner'. To you, oh dear friends, FUCK YOU, and FUCK OFF.

Last word of advice on evaluating whether you should even bother to talk to the bastard on the other line, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Let's say we put the products that they are selling into the regular shops in shopping malls, will it flunk out ?
2. Is the product grossly overpriced (mainly due to the vast 'commissions' payable) ?

If your answer is YES to both of the questions, then it is time you run. Run like there's no tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

.: Top 11 List of All Time Favourites :.

11. The hot and intense moments, punctuated by drugs, boozes and birthday parties. Short, bittersweet, but memorable. 3/10

10. The elite untouchable back in high school. Well, I guess it was an honor that not many got to taste. Lovely, a tad a bit too short a time (but all good things usually are). 2/10

9. That virginal innocence which lasted till this day never fails to amaze me. Kind hearted, nice and naive. 2/10

8. How a room rental enquiry turned out to be entirely other things is definitely mind boggling, but it was definitely something of a way, way cool first time experience. 4/10

7. The stories about you and how you conquer.... and despite of me, I still made the mistake of not heeding it, and got "check-mated" within 2 hours. Love the screams. 6/10

6. If only your sibling knew......... Oh, and the shower incident. The best shower... EVER! 5/10

5. Being the only person who knew you before you lost that innocence makes it a total honor too in itself. Can never forget the car ride you gave me, and speaking of cars, can never forget the car adventures either. 6/10

4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour. The method that we pulled off one of the greatest feats ever : cross platform mating call. LOVE IT... totally. 5/10

3. Possibly the only man to ever share a shower with you... for all eternity. Another superb feat. Superb. 5/10 (Projected)

2. I bow down to thee, for thee is the GODDESS OF SEX. The one, the only, the GREATEST. Will never forget the 7 in 18 hours, EVER. Nor will I forget the marvelous jobs. 10/10

1. The Queen of your college, the envy of most. The object of lust for all the guys. The ever so well timed flirtatious look, the beautiful arrogance, the silky smooth long hair. You are the greatest, most memorable, and definitely cherished for all time. Most memorable, however? The motorcycle ride. 7/10

Honorable Mention
Dancing Queen (5/10), Prudence (3/10) and Poet (6/10)

Marked for Future
The Forbidden One, The Almost Paradise and The Intellect

Monday, February 27, 2006

.: Mickey Mouse and Men of Honor :.

I will not gloat over the Manchester United win. Neither will I leave much of a comment save one: It is most certainly better than nothing.

I will, however, give my fullest praise to Paul Jewell's Wigan Atheletic. That gutsy little team showed class in a world where dirty teams like Arse-nal and Chelski continue to escape real scrutiny and critisms. Wigan played their hearts out in every single match this season - relying more on team work, individual brilliance and sheer determination to win rather than diving or showmanships.

However, I do not wish to describe the Mickey Mouse cup triumph, nor about Wigan. Not really. What I want is to remind my readers of the following:

About the same time last year, Chelski and the whole bunch of the Russian whores were enthusiastically talking about winning a quadraple of trophies. Apparently, now they have realisticaly only 2 chances of winning a trophy - the Premiership and The FA Cup (another Mickey Mouse cup). They were totally outclassed and was whacked just very nicely at Stamford Bridge by Barcelona 2-1 just a week ago. And to top it all off, they are starting to train their players to be unscrupulous. Just look at the recent disgraceful performances of Arjen Robben.

Arse Wanker and his bunch of frog boys were talking about their 52 games unbeaten streak about the same time last year too. This season, they are sitting in 6th position with a bleak prospect of even a UEFA place. Don't seem to hear much verbal diarrhea coming out from Wanker's foul mouth. Oh and yes, he was accused of being a voyeur by Jose The-Special-One himself.

Liverpool is slowly filling themselves with crap such as Mohamad Sisoko, Robbie Fowler and Jan Kromkamp who each have a shit load of bad presses for diving, play acting, violence, mutiny etc. If they keep this up, they would soon be joining the ranks of Arse-nal as the dirtiest of all teams.

There you have it. The closest rivals of Manchester United in the recent past, and for the near future. All dirty and crappy teams. Usually led by equally dirty managers.

I'll leave you with that as a thought for the day. I need to go wash my hands now.

Friday, February 03, 2006

.: Electric Dreams :.

For yet another time, I get to see your beautiful smile, your lovely face and savor that sweet aroma from your favourite fragrance. Yes, though it is only once a year that I get to see you, I love the sweet, almost painful, but nevertheless intoxicating allure of it.

I don't think we'll ever be together again, nor do I hope for it to happen. But you are special to me, and I think you know that. I know you feel the same, but it's that arrogance on both our side that makes both of us not willing to let go our guards even a little, never mind openly admit that fact.

This year though, one song goes out to us, so I hope you like it. Till next year then, my immortal Aig Gniiy .

Together In Electric Dreams By Oakey Philip And Moroder Giorgio

I only knew you for a while
I never saw your smile
'Til it was time to go
Time to go away (time to go away)

Sometimes it's hard to recognise
Love comes as a surprise
And it's too late'
It's just too late to stay
Too late to stay

We''ll always be together
However far it seems(Love never ends)
We'll always be together
Together in Electric Dreams

Because the friendship that you gave
Has taught me to be brave
No matter where I go
I'll never find a better prize(Find a better prize)
Though you're miles and miles away

I see you every day
I don't have to try
I just close my eyes
I close my eyes
We'll always be together
However far it seems

Thursday, January 19, 2006

.: Evil Bitch :.

Sow - An adult female pig (source:

0520 19 January 2005. A day of reckoning (in more ways than one) for me. Today is the day when Manchester United played (trashed, more like it) Burton Albion 5-0. I dragged myself out of bed at 3.45 am and was watching the game at one of the trashy mamaks near my place.

Heck, at 5.20 am, the game was already well into the second half, MU was leading 3-0, and I was grinning to no end at that little crap team called Burton which ventured into the Theatre of Dreams thinking about beating the Devils.

Yes, I was having a field day, right until some strange beast made a noise not at all disimilar to a snorting sow during feeding time. It was trying to talk and laugh at the same time, and doing it loudly on top of it's lungs, as if it's belting out "Symphony No 5 in C Minor" for all of us to hear. There was probably about 8-9 other Devil fans there, not counting the mamak waiters. We all heard the snorting bitch, alright. Heck, I think the fans from the other mamak two blocks down heard the same horrible noise as well, albeit less damaging.

And so like the rest of the fans, we duly turn our heads away from the game and tried to locate the source of the enviroment pollutant. And there's our first mistake. Instead of running like heck for our lives, curiosity got better of us and we simply decided to look.

And what greeted us there was the most horrible creature ever conceived: it barely looked human, horrible and atrocious to the core, but the worst part was the noise. It was apparently oblivious to our stares and our disgusted look, and continued to joyfully blare its trap as loudly as the lungs permit.

And believe me, that thing has much more lung space than both you and me combined. It probably weigths a few tons too and the gravity from the mass of that object would bend light as it travels past it.

However, it conforms to the nature of pyschology: The more horrendous and bigger a particular creature is, the more sound it will often try to emit in order to attract attention to themselves. In this case, it tried to attract the attention of all the mamak patrons with stories about her college, housemate's double timing scandals, how it almost got into an accident driving that day ..etc etc Strange huh? I mean, do WE really want to know all that bunch of crap ? Hell, we just want some peace and quiet to enjoy our game. Is that too much to ask?

And surely, I do pity those bunch of boys silly enough to invite the sow out for a cup of tea. I believe they would be diagnosed with brain cancer before the end of this week, no doubt. And of course, I do believe it's the last time they EVER invite that sow out.

I looked around. Some wanted to puke, others had teary eyes, some probably was wishing for mommy's hug. I simply wanted to commit suicide.

So to you who 'entertained' us with your noise and spoilt our game, you will now have the honor of being plastered on Online Blasphemy. Congratulations, you big fatass SOW. And thanks for spoiling a perfectly awesome football day for me.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

.: Evil Hoggers :.

We've all experienced this at least once in our life, and more probably countless times. The experience never fail to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth akin to having just chewed a rotten rat whole. And then swallowing the decomposed rodent.

Yes, that pretty much sums it all up. The experience of standing behind friggin ATM machine hoggers. Their MO is always the same. And they have a few basic and simple traits that distinctly separates them from genuine normal ATM users:

1. They would glance over their shoulders once every 2 seconds in fear that you are trying to rob them, and that they have this look on their face that makes you think they are withdrawing like 2 Trillion bucks or something.

2. The amount of time they take to read, understand, re-read to make sure there is no mistake, and then finally after deep, insightful consideration, select the language to be "English" in the interactive screen would enable pigs to evolve into winged creatures and finally fly. (I guess "Please select your prefered language - BM, English or Chinese" is really rocket science)

3. They always, without fail, would make the mistake at the last hurdle, get the ATM card kicked out of the machine, and they are only more than happy start all over again. Twice. Dumbass.

4. Have this smug, unapologetic look on their face that declare in one patriotic tone "I am the Queen of this ATM, therefore I deserve all the time my heart desires" after wasting 15 minutes of time of all the people behind her.

5. Those lamer girls with their best friend / sister / boyfriend / whatever standing beside them would be able to discuss about Christina Aguilera's latest fashion statement, describe her roomate's latest hunk boyfriend, tell when's her period due, detail the discount structure at Vincci AND what a jerk the last bugger she dated was. All these, to be done and settled before she could go on to the next interactive screen on the ATM. With 10 people lining up behind them in plain sight.

I do then, propose that the banks implement the following strategies to cut down on these loser's time wasting activities:

1. All women aged between 40 to infinity are to be strictly banned from using the ATM. Period.

2. Women of any age group are NOT allowed to use the ATM with another partner standing beside her.

3. Provide a specific countdown timer for each screen to limit the time spent. If the countdown runs out, the card would be rejected, and the ATM sound an alarm and flash the word "ATM HOG!!!!" at the top, similar to a Casino jackpot machine, until she walks away.

4. Repeated hoggers are to be publicly humiliated and executed. And their line of descendents are banned from ever touching an ATM card for 7 generations.