Wednesday, April 16, 2008

.: Where? :.

Where have you been? Have you abandoned your blog? Hey, I'm glad to see that you're still alive!

Just some of the comments I get from you guys out there, and I know you're all anxious to hear the reasons for my disappearance for the past few months or so.

I owe you guys as much, so here goes:

Starting from Chinese New Year February (which is typically a very busy month for me both socially and professionally), I was caught up with the festivities. My business is usually busy during holiday seasons, as you guys know, so I barely have time to log on the Internet, never mind trying to blog.

Also, I promised my parents that I would take care of all the Chinese New Year preparations this year, from A to Z. I had to plan and arrange for renovations (including almost fist fighting with the drunk Iban electrical contractor that came and did some crappy wiring jobs) and re-furnishing to parts of my home in Kuching, list and buy all the necessary food and drinks, clean and paint the house, among others.

During the New Year itself, I had a blast this time around. As not to bore you guys, suffice to say there were plenty of booze, casinos (read: annual hardcore money making scheme) and hot chicks around.

One of my ex was wearing this uber short, tight cheongsam which showed 3/4 of her nice, firm boobs... DURING THE FIRST DAY OF CNY! And the slits? Well, it went as high as her red G-Strings (for luck, I think). No wonder her dad got himself drunk as early as 10 am.

Now, what else could a man ask for? Of course, you now understand why I did not blog during CNY.

Next, right after the festivities, Pak La La La announced that he was dissolving the Parliament (despite saying he won't barely the day before). Since I am pretty much aligned to certain political ideologies and people and parties, I had to drop everything else that I was doing and concentrate on the political scene. I helped out with the rallies and all whenever I could. Come election week, I was one of the polling agents, and therefore had to attend briefings and work like mad during polling day.

The next couple of weeks after election was spent catching up on my work and reading and writing about the aftermath of the 2008 elections.

Now that things have slowed down some, well, the 'ol Leon is BACK!

Expect more juicy stuffs this whole year.

Cheers all!

.: I Like :.

Finally today, I managed to find time to shop around for a new phone (after my Dopod 838Pro have been giving me the PMS treatment for the past couple of weeks or so)



My all new Nokia N-Series N82! And I'm LOVING IT!

And my apologies for the lack of updates, for those of you who were kind enough to stop by every now and then.

I promise I will let you guys know why I have disappeared from the blogsphere recently in my next post (tomorrow, prolly).

Cheers fellas.