Tuesday, June 13, 2006

.: Viva 2010 :.

As I sat there watching the match between the South Korea and Togo, and with the match being rather subdued at times, I reflected. 7 World Cups and about 1/3 into my life (assuming I live till 60+ or so). And it hit me. This is definitely the last WC which I would be watching when I am:

Single (as in unmarried)
Without offspring(s)
In an age group that start with twenty

And to tell you honestly, strangely enough I can't wait to get to South Africa 2010. And here's why:

  • I would be watching with my superb wife - totally babe_licious, domesticated and to top it all up, a sex goddess... at her prime
  • My kid would just about learn how to kick a football around
  • I would be watching as a millionaire... oh I dunno, maybe around 2 to 2.5 M in current assets
  • I am definitely at my prime too - awesome career, nice cozy house somewhere in Puchong, a 530 Bimmer, a 3.2 L SUV and prolly a Toyota sports car in my front porch
  • I would've travelled to China, Hong Kong, France, America and prolly the Carribeans
  • And after the World Cup, I would be planning for my semi-retirement to be realised somewhere in the 2014 WC.
Far fetched? Castles in the air? Oh ye of little faith. Just watch.

South Africa 2010, here I come!