Monday, October 01, 2007

.: Cheating :.

Pam wrote a very biased (which is normal for any feminist) article recently about cheating men. I questioned strongly on that issue, not defending the morality behind it, but on how she forgot to mention that women cheats too.

Men, women, gays, bisexuals, trisexuals, dogs, cats and even plants cheat with multiple partners. So why are men being singled out? Why, whenever there's a divorce, it's usually always assumed that the infidelity is on the guy's side?

I have met so many cheating women, sometimes I'm wondering if women cheat more than men. The worst thing is that when a woman cheats, she actually tells all the details, down to the physical construction of the penis, the length of the intercourse and whether the men can actually "perform" to their best friends. Now ladies, do not deny these accusations. They are true, and you know it.

When men tell their mates, it's usually "Oh, I shagged her. And yes, she's pretty good". And that's about the end of it.

Which one is worse?

This is a post (and probably Pam's post) is essentially about the moral fibers of the human being. So let's get a bit into morality. Let's say a man is unfaithful. He goes out, meets a woman, brings her back to his place. They have a nice shag. Later the woman finds out he's got a gf / wife. And he invites her out to dinner again the next night. And she says yes.

Shame on the man, you say? Right. Shame on him.

What about the woman?

Did you ever asked if she's actually attached?

If she's dumb enough to sleep with him on a one night stand basis, shouldn't she shoulder the blame for at least the same amount?

Shouldn't she have checked out the history of the man first? No? Why? Coz she was drunk? Feeling horny? Coz he SEEMED single? Because he was so charming? So it was lust then? DOH!

And she agreed to go out with him again the next day. What the heck, she said. Nothing else more to lose.

Shame on the man? Shoot the man? Aye.