Tuesday, August 14, 2007

.: OMFG!!! My Little Black Book still EXISTS!!! :.

I was rummaging through some old storage spaces in my room recently, and OH MY GOD!!!

I actually found my old little black book (and YES, it was even elegantly BLACK in color) with a collection of gal's names and phone numbers.

I know every guy have a book similar to this, but I can't believe that mine still exists. And mine is really a little book, not much larger than the size of a credit card.

Regressing, I started the collection with just a handful of names back in 1994 (a little over a decade away), and filled it up when I got to Form
4 (1996). Today, it has exactly 196 names and numbers.

Now what I did with that book is of course highly classified. Needless to say, that book brought me lots of fond memories, a few sad ones, but all of them fully cherished!

Full pull out - front view

Full pull out - back view

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