Wednesday, September 26, 2007

.: Yak Yak Yak :.

Why the hell issit that women just can't stop talking? They wanna talk about everything under the bloody sun (that is, as long as it interests them). Why can't they just learn to shut the hell up and just enjoy, well, the silence?

I was sipping a nice quiet cup of coffee at Starbucks recently, trying to get some work done in the process, and this old friend of mine happen to pass by and sat down and talked for an entire 2 hours. Non-stop. About her friggin dog. About her mom who's bitchin her about smoking. About not being able to hold on to a job for more than 3 months. Complaining like hell about this loser she's dating who's double timing her (she conveniently left out the part that she's double timing him too anyway). About how Starbucks' cake sucks. And about just whatever shit that comes to her mind. WTF!

Next, my friends are complaining to me that all their wives / gfs wanna do is talk. Apparently, they said that women felt that talking is the most effective way of communication. And apparently, they can't seem to stop either.

Look, I am not against good communication. But remember that communication is something that goes both ways. If women expects their boys to care about the sales in Jaya Jusco now, and how cheap the Akemi comforter sets are (50-70% discounts you know), then you must also be able to INTELLIGENTLY discuss why Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez shouldn't playing together if given a choice.

No? I guessed so. Now, we boys never tried to even bring up football subjects with you ladies, so why is it that you feel you MUST, at all costs, tell us (with full animated details) about your stupid best friend who got dumped for the 300th time? She's stupid. That's it. Plain and simple.

Next time you ladies feel like you need to have a verbal diarrhoea again, please remember that:

1. We don't give a shit.
2. We don't wanna give a shit. Ever.
3. We need silence. Lots of it. And we are happy with that.
4. We can communicate in lots of other creative ways. Put on your lingerie, and see us purr.
5. We, for once in our life at least, would like to talk to you about OUR interests.

Now, if you wanna qualify as an effective communicator to the opposite sex, see if you can answer these questions:

1. What's the difference between having a NOS (Nitrious Oxide) system as compared to a Turbo Charger in a performace engine?
2. In snooker, what color balls do we pot in sequence and what's their points worth? Pink, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black
3. How many configuration and versions are there in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), the F35?
4. The Iskandar Economic Region project in Johor have been critisised heavily. Why?
5. What happens after an offside have been declared in football?

No? Then let's enjoy the silence.


angel said...

Muahahahha... my dear boy... u can't live without 'em... don't forget that ;)

Leon said...

haha that's true ..

I talk a lot ... and I gossip quite a fair bit too ..

Just that I somehow wish I can talk deep meaningful conversations about Christiano Ronaldo and the new Type-R Civic and politics and other Big Boys Toys to girls ...


adrian said... non stop is woman's specialty la....Im used to it at home.

I tell you wat; think this way when they talk, 'masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri'. See whether that works for you or not....hahaha =)))

Jo-no said...

I get rants from girls sometimes over the phone... Once I even fell asleep, took a cat-nap, woke up and she was still going! They're THAT good !

Leon said...

They are soo good, it's on the borderline of being totally horrible... oh the horror of it ..

Jo-no said...

They are after all, a creature that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die... You were born and bred by one, you're going to marry one(presumably), and also, statistically its possible for you to assist in the "production" of in which you will love AND bred for another man in the future. CONSPIRACY...hahaha

pamsong said...

See, Leon. I just proved that women can be silent, too.

15 days, yo. And proud of it.

Leon said...

Girls can never be silent ... it's ingrained in their genes to talk and talk and talk ..

Anonymous said...

what a big generalization. not ALL girls talk and talk and talk. I'm living proof. heh. touche.

Leon said...

Then you must be a guy :)