Tuesday, September 27, 2005

.: Crazy World :.

The world has gone mad. Well, actually, the world had gone mad a long time ago, ever since homo sapiens invented the wheel. But the world is an even crazier place today. Let's look at the following things that happened recently:

First of all, Liverpool is the reigning European champion. Any Tom, Dick and Harry that watches football would find that fact still very amusing. I mean Liverpool? Give me a break.

Next, Chelsea has all but wrapped up the Barclay's Premier League after 7 games, with 11 points ahead of the nearest rival. (Charlton is not, and I repeat, NOT considered a real football team, nevermind calling them 'rival').

After that, MU fans were booing the GODFATHER of Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson. That was an unprecendented event, and never in the history of the Red Devils have the fans booed Fergie. NEVER. (except during his first season in charge when he nearly got sacked - even then, I sincerely don't think the fans booed him)

Last, and the strangest among them all, Mr. Arsene Wenger of Arse-nal has this to say about Ferguson and his unfortunate booing incident: 'You know I am not his best friend, but I found it really appalling,' the Frenchman said. 'Of course, like the players we are only as a good as our last game, but what this guy has done for the club, I find it horrendous and nearly unbelievable.'


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zi-zi said...

You know, when i got your sms about supporting liverpool twice in a week last night, something inside me kinda told me that it might be true...Alas, trust the KOPS! Game, set and match before halftime. By the second half I was already in bed, dreaming of great seasons past and sending my resume to Malcolm Glazer... Moral of the story - trust no one but ourselves...If indeed the God's of Football have not signed any endorsement deals with Emirates or Romy, then come then we'd get the grand total of two chelsea games to close the gap to 4 points with a game in hand (provided there are no more fuck-ups ala Blackburn)... As to how we're gonna make up the balance of the 1 point difference, I'll leave that to our 'new' 'friend' Arsene...