Monday, September 26, 2005

.: Perils of Feminism :.

I still don't get it. You see it everywhere now, but that does not make it any easier to understand nor comprehend. You see it in the TV, in female magazines, on the news and so on. In fact, I was surrounded by people with this desease since ages ago.

Yes, I'm talking about the malady known as feminism. These days, more and more girls are demanding "equal rights" and "equal opportunity" and similar bullshit along that line. You get the idea.

Now, little females (I am talking about those fanatic devotees of the Feminism cult), if you cannot understand anything else, then understand this: our roles as males and females in the society differs. Get that into your head first and foremost. If you have already started cursing at this point, you needn't read any further. You are beyond help anyway.

Ever since the cavemen days, our roles have been clearly segmented according to our levels of intellectual, mental, social and physical capabilities. Why is that part that hard for you to understand?

You, little feminists and your like minded sisters, are more suited for the following: child bearing, domestic chores and whatever it is that you are good at. Plain and simple. Why? Because me and the rest of the guys don't see ourselves suddenly obtaining the capability to be pregnant anytime soon, and it has been proven through the relative short human history that you are better at doing household chores than we are.

And when is it that the human society discriminated against females? After all, the homo sapien society is made out of 52% females. So you are saying that other females actually discriminates against you too? That's just plain ol stupid, if you ask me.

You think we males have been given all the opportunities in life? Every single, each and every one of them? Hell no, sista. We had to fight for life's little opportunities. We set our objectives, planned our way, and get on with it. We don't sit around with thumbs up our arses bitchin about not getting enough life's opportunities because of discriminations and gender preferences etc etc.

Now that I have made myself clear, please, the next time one of you little people comes to talk to me about me being a male chauvinist pig and stuff like that, read this: HAHAHAHAHA


vincentt said...

Girls kick ass...

zi-zi said...

you sick chauvanist! Not that i'm saying i ain't one too. HAHAHAHAHA!

Girls, girls, i mean the so called 'feminists' - if you want something in life you gotta 'work' for it. not just spread your legs and whine...Some of the most respected and successful figures thruout history are women, just plain hardworking women.

Chienne said...

lovely piece. ok, would you be my sugar daddy then?