Tuesday, April 04, 2006

.: Top 11 List of All Time Favourites :.

11. The hot and intense moments, punctuated by drugs, boozes and birthday parties. Short, bittersweet, but memorable. 3/10

10. The elite untouchable back in high school. Well, I guess it was an honor that not many got to taste. Lovely, a tad a bit too short a time (but all good things usually are). 2/10

9. That virginal innocence which lasted till this day never fails to amaze me. Kind hearted, nice and naive. 2/10

8. How a room rental enquiry turned out to be entirely other things is definitely mind boggling, but it was definitely something of a way, way cool first time experience. 4/10

7. The stories about you and how you conquer.... and despite of me, I still made the mistake of not heeding it, and got "check-mated" within 2 hours. Love the screams. 6/10

6. If only your sibling knew......... Oh, and the shower incident. The best shower... EVER! 5/10

5. Being the only person who knew you before you lost that innocence makes it a total honor too in itself. Can never forget the car ride you gave me, and speaking of cars, can never forget the car adventures either. 6/10

4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour. The method that we pulled off one of the greatest feats ever : cross platform mating call. LOVE IT... totally. 5/10

3. Possibly the only man to ever share a shower with you... for all eternity. Another superb feat. Superb. 5/10 (Projected)

2. I bow down to thee, for thee is the GODDESS OF SEX. The one, the only, the GREATEST. Will never forget the 7 in 18 hours, EVER. Nor will I forget the marvelous jobs. 10/10

1. The Queen of your college, the envy of most. The object of lust for all the guys. The ever so well timed flirtatious look, the beautiful arrogance, the silky smooth long hair. You are the greatest, most memorable, and definitely cherished for all time. Most memorable, however? The motorcycle ride. 7/10

Honorable Mention
Dancing Queen (5/10), Prudence (3/10) and Poet (6/10)

Marked for Future
The Forbidden One, The Almost Paradise and The Intellect


Sojourner said...

My top 11:

11) Liverpool on 26 May 2005 win the Champions League. It was 25th in Istanbul but sitting alone and nothing else in the world to be happy about, the final of the century (Maradona's words).

10) Liverpool on 13 May 2005 win the FA Cup. Same as above, though no comments from Maradona, nobody that night could remember a more exciting FA Cup Final in history. Liverpool also gave us a 7-0 rout and a thrilling 5-3 comeback along the way. Thanks for the memories.

9) Being the only one to score 100% in a math test in Form 3. All the smart guys got 98%. Earlier teacher had said no need calculators but he overlooked one question that asked for a square root of some crazy number. Everyone thought it was a bonus question but smart old me had so much time I worked out the answer to three decimals manually. Oh the look of protest on the faces of the 3A geniuses.

8) Ok I've run out of stuff. I guess I don't have many memories.

Sojourner said...

sorry, edit

10) 13 May 2006. NOT 2005.