Monday, February 27, 2006

.: Mickey Mouse and Men of Honor :.

I will not gloat over the Manchester United win. Neither will I leave much of a comment save one: It is most certainly better than nothing.

I will, however, give my fullest praise to Paul Jewell's Wigan Atheletic. That gutsy little team showed class in a world where dirty teams like Arse-nal and Chelski continue to escape real scrutiny and critisms. Wigan played their hearts out in every single match this season - relying more on team work, individual brilliance and sheer determination to win rather than diving or showmanships.

However, I do not wish to describe the Mickey Mouse cup triumph, nor about Wigan. Not really. What I want is to remind my readers of the following:

About the same time last year, Chelski and the whole bunch of the Russian whores were enthusiastically talking about winning a quadraple of trophies. Apparently, now they have realisticaly only 2 chances of winning a trophy - the Premiership and The FA Cup (another Mickey Mouse cup). They were totally outclassed and was whacked just very nicely at Stamford Bridge by Barcelona 2-1 just a week ago. And to top it all off, they are starting to train their players to be unscrupulous. Just look at the recent disgraceful performances of Arjen Robben.

Arse Wanker and his bunch of frog boys were talking about their 52 games unbeaten streak about the same time last year too. This season, they are sitting in 6th position with a bleak prospect of even a UEFA place. Don't seem to hear much verbal diarrhea coming out from Wanker's foul mouth. Oh and yes, he was accused of being a voyeur by Jose The-Special-One himself.

Liverpool is slowly filling themselves with crap such as Mohamad Sisoko, Robbie Fowler and Jan Kromkamp who each have a shit load of bad presses for diving, play acting, violence, mutiny etc. If they keep this up, they would soon be joining the ranks of Arse-nal as the dirtiest of all teams.

There you have it. The closest rivals of Manchester United in the recent past, and for the near future. All dirty and crappy teams. Usually led by equally dirty managers.

I'll leave you with that as a thought for the day. I need to go wash my hands now.