Saturday, May 26, 2007

.: Hannah T :.

Hannah is the sweetest, coolest and smartest celeb in the Malaysian scene ... and she's really, really small sized and petite, which I love in a lady.

Oh and her new album Crossing Bridges? Absolutely AWESOME! Check out the samples here, and also for Hannah's official site

In the first song, "Truly Yours", Hannah's passion and voice can match that of any American Idol finalists.. honest.


reek said...

I refer to the explanation for the 'reluctant apologies' by these two guys. They say they were defending the BN and its leader.

I say, Pak Lah, I am sure you have better guys to defend you than these two 'mouth leaking' political monkeys.

Now the whole world is laughing at us. How unfair just because I am a Malaysian.

Now, I hope no pea-brained ministers or political monkeys will become so sensitive to tell us not to even mention the word 'bocor' because it symbolises Malaysia.

If BN continues to bring in these type of 'bocor' people into their fold, it shows they don't have much talents in their team. I think this is the beginning of their end.

I would like to air my bit on our two buffoons if I may. It shows the class and the mentality of our elected representatives. The speaker managed to drop the issue like a hot potato after searching for a technicality.

The prime minister conveniently 'hears no evil, sees no evil'. The women's minister is happy with a 'closure'. So tell me what else is new. After all the fuss we are back to square one. A very unique Malaysia solution. God helps us all.

Dear Bung and Said, I will not address you by your titles as they are meant to be honorific titles.

Apparently, sometimes it takes an eye for an eye to realise the mistakes you clowns made. Let me ask you this and after my question, I would like to quickly apologise for it - would you be not be angry if someone posed the same question to your wives?

My question posed is in jest (as defended by Najib) and if it offends you, I would like to perhaps retract the question or quite possibly even apologise for it (without any pressure).

Our sleepy prime minister as usual will not take any actions against these clowns. What can you expect from a corrupt, racist, sexist and poor performing government! Folks, why do we still put up with these clowns?

Time to vote for DAP, PKR and PAS. We have a democracy in place but yet we have failed to exercise it.

tim said...

The fact is, Umno is living in an ivory tower - totally immersed in pride and arrogance - that is has divorced itself from the practicalities and facts of this globalized world.

This party, from the head to tail, is unable to see beyond the tip of its nose. What a pity?

They can still pride themselves with having 'amok' like qualities which they would use if necessary! They are proud about their madness!

I don't think there is any country in this world where the dominant race looks at the minority with fear and then threatens and intimidates them with a sword, a weapon of the dark ages!

San said...

Shames, shames, shames! We shall always remember that Malaysian citizens are the ones who had established such a corrupted administration in the past 30 years from the coffee money to the cop - up to the bribery to the US administration.

So deep rooted the damage in instilling the bribery as a culture such that no wonder Pak Lah and gang find it so difficult to disentangle.

People life is getting more and more difficult and yet all the parasites and cronies still need to be fed. What country is this go? It is truly amazing to know there are so many crooks in our govt. From the very top to the very bottom there are crooks.

The sky is full of black crows and a couple of white crows if any exist, they will be pecked to death. The white crows hence have to watch their backs alertly.

Pak Lah has at times to nod his head as the saying goes, "If you can't fight them, you join them; for survival." What can we do, we taxpayers are the losers. We are advised to change our life style to suit their stupidity or rather greed.

Unfortunately, in the growing global economy, this would devolution and we'd be left far behind. We are behind already, with companies like MAS and Proton and white elephants like the crook bridge and Putrajaya.

Essentially, we have to accept that the Chinese and Indians, and even Malays, who have the opportunity to leave the country, will partly due to the government's policies. You can either change it and attempt to stem the outflow, or accept it and attempt to evolve.

Someone I know is somewhere outside London now, trying to lay the foundation for a better future. He is a Malaysian Chinese just like me. He has just relayed to me his thoughts and concerns about how this future will unfold.

I feel his anxiety, I know it. What is it about Malaysia which drives its people away, to rebuild something which has taken years to successfully create, in Malaysia?

My point? I don't know if given the current rate of development in Malaysia, there would soon be introduced malay quota for parking spaces. Or places for overseas education even. I don't know.

I often think these mongrels are capable of the most stupid and unfair policies, as decades of policies have proven. Yes, it is painful but I guess Malaysians who are tired of fighting stupid battles like these will go, to save their future generations from strives.

coolooc said...

That is why malay is the most arrogant, corrupted, racist and terrorist race in the world. To the world population, malay is only a minority. And yet, still keep on talking about Islam, Muslim, Syariah law. Shame on you.

ruyom said...

The writer shows a serious lack of knowledge and understanding of the role of MCA in the pre-independence era. Not only was MCA was a political tool of the British colonial power, other Alliance parties like MIC and Umno were also political tools of the British.

The British made use of MCA, MIC and Umno to fight the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) and the Malay Left in order to protect its economic interests in the then Malaya.

The Chinese were confined to various Chinese new villages under the Briggs plan to curb the influence of the communist party. MCA was then granted a licence to run the Million Dollar lottery scheme by the British authority to make easy money from the Chinese community. In return, the MCA had to use part of the profit to win the hearts of the Chinese in the new villages. This strategy worked well to serve the interests of the British master during the pre-independence days.

When the time has come to give independence to Malaya, the British kept its promise by working only with Umno, MCA and MIC. On the other hand, the real independence fighters, including some prominent Malay Left leaders, were arrested and locked up in prisons. And the war against the MCP continued with greater intensity.

But true leader like Tan Cheng Lock were sidelined by other MCA and Umno leaders in the run up to the independence negotiations. Cheng Lock had promised the Chinese community to present the general demands of the Chinese community to the British. But he was barred from attending the final round of talks in London. The MCA was represented by HS Lee and Tan Tong Hai.

According to the late Tunku Abdul Rahman (in one of his writings), Tan Tong Hai threw the entire general demands document into a wastepaper basket in a London hotel room instead of bringing it up at the negotiation table. That is the reason why I often tell the young people that the betrayal of MCA could be traced back to its inception. As a result of this unforgivable sell-out, Chinese Malaysians were treated like second-class citizens in our land. The Chinese were stuck with the 'non-bumis' label thanks to MCA.

It is people like Leong Yew Koh who instigated Tunku to strip the citizenship and teaching licence of foremost Chinese education pioneer Lim Lian Geok. Check with Loot Ting Yee. He is one of the mother tongue education pioneers who can verify my story.

The entire history of MCA is filled with betrayals, crimes and sins. They have failed to preserve and protect the interests and rights of the Chinese community which they have claimed to represent.

Take a closer look at these scandals - the deposit-taking-cooperative scandal, the Aik Hua Holdings scandal, the Chang Min Thien Fund scandal, the MCA JE Fund scandal, it is a never-ending list. And guess what? Most of the victims of these scandals were MCA members and supporters.

Mind you, it was MCA leaders that instigated the closure of the original Bai Xiao (SJKC Damansara) in Petaling Jaya. It was also the efforts of SOS Damansara Action Committee and the pressure mounted by DAP, DongJiaoZong and the entire Chinese community that brought about the unprecedented speedy construction of the new SJKC Damansara in Tropicana.

It is a great shame that MCA leaders do not even bother to get accreditation for the certificates, diplomas and degrees courses offered by TAR College (TARC). Recently, a young Malaysian Chinese boy's application was rejected by the Royal Malaysian Police simply because the academic qualifications he obtained from the MCA sponsored TARC were not recognised by both National Accreditation Board and Public Service Department.

Under the current MCA leadership, the Chinese community can only request for a new Chinese primary school when one is dead. And all these years, the allocation of funds for Chinese primary schools remains unfair and unjust; only about 2.4% of the total budget is given to the Chinese stream and about 1% given to the Tamil stream. The rest was all given to the malay (national type) primary schools. None of the MCA 'tai kohs' (mainly Chinese educated) dare to make noise on this subject.

Yes, Lee Kuan Yew was not totally wrong. The Umno-led BN government has been systematically marginalising the Chinese and other non-malay communities. And what did MCA leaders like Chan Kong Choy and Ong Ka Ting do about it? And why were they keeping so timidly quiet when Umno ultras like Hisham and Khairy make all sorts of racist remarks and even waved a keris time and again shamelessly?

MCA is indefensible. That is why none of the MCA leaders dare to show up for the debate in Machap. And for the same reason, none of them have the courage to rebut me on all the historical facts I raised in my book entitled 'Accomplice? Coward? Culprit? The role of MCA in the Chinese community'.

oversee said...

The facts:

(1) Negritos are the first inhabitants in this land

(2) Proto malays came from Yunan in China

(3) Deutro malays came from Indonesia

(4) Malays are Hindus/Buddhists for 2000 years

(5) Harun and Razak plot the 1969 riot

(6) Social contract rewriting after 1969 riot

(7) Bumis term never exist before 1969 riot

(8) lie - Blame Chinese control economic 70%

(9) lie - Blame Chinese/Tamil schools for national disunity

(10) lie - Blame Singapore government suppress malays

(Many more.)

fong said...

Many Malaysians working in the Singapore regard the meritocracy and equality is on ideal level.

There are also those who experienced discrimination due to difference on nationality and race. Overall, Singapore has better image than our Malaysia country.

Brain drain is inevitable when we have unequal or unfair treatment of a group of people regarded as different from the ruling group. It is tantamount to banishing them to second-class citizen, except that it was at acceptable level.

This preferential treatment inadvertently segregated the citizens although it started with noble notion of creating equality in terms of economic parity. Unfortunately, this system has since been abused.

When the mistreated felt that they 'do not belong' to the country, loyalty becomes secondary importance.

There are also many factors contributing to brain drain not only unbalanced policy. As the standard of living in Malaysia is rising but our economic income is stagnant, this has forced many to venture overseas to find money.

There are also many who studied abroad refuse to return home as the condition of better job prospects, better life in foreign countries and earning power is more appealing than here.

On the first step to rectify this discrepancy is to eradicate corruption and the abused NEP. I believe the effect would be great.

The NEP has nurtured malay businessmen under the government umbrella - very different from the law of the forest that prevails in the actual business world. This has made them less viable in times of harsh economic conditions. Except for a few, the NEP has failed to cultivate malay businessmen in the acquisition of responsibilities, business skills and attitudes.

If the NEP fails or have not achieve its objectives after more than 20 years, it is not the people fault but the government.

Look at how only some have always benefited. Seems like there may be some who will hide behind the reasons of NEP to grow even wealthier while the real target people of NEP existence remains more-or-less status quo.

Summary: Affimative action is a negative sum in the end. In the end everyone loses.

There is nothing equal in Singapore but rather a carefully projected image of a decent society where harmony and equality are abundant to be seen everywhere.

Opinions are good but too much negative will only consume you. From now, let us change our attitude of whining but instead voice out a solution of your own.

romsam said...

It is a tried and tested Umno formula, written and fine-tuned during the reign of Mahathir. The principle is simple: when facing a potentially serious threat from within your own party, change the focus by turning the guns on the non-malays, particularly the Chinese.

And the forum where this is done is usually at the ostentatious obscenely, offensive display of crude malay domination - the Umno general assembly.

But the lessons of history are immutable and bigger than any collection of men. Things always tend towards a balance, and institutions and individuals that effect unfairness and corruption always collapse and face their day of reckoning.

The international media is beginning to shine a light on the naked racism that is the foundation of Malaysia public policy.

Ironically, the biggest losers are going to be the malays. Their reputation as a race is now beginning to get tarred as international journalists, business peoples and analysts talk about them getting handouts without lifting a finger to earn them.

Sadly, 40 years on, the malays are being classified as lazy and incompetent and greedy.

Jo-no said... did Hannah T transition to politics ?!!?

Leon said...

Jo-No and the rest of my readers,

I apologise for the sudden outbursts of political comments.

I am a regular visitor at various political blogs and an avid debater there. I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving my personal blog's site in one of the comments insteal of my political blog.

Hence, as it is with most political debaters, they are fiery and passionate about their line of thoughts, and they just want to make their point.

adhojlim said...

Yeah! Lets switch the direction a bit..back to Hannah T. Wow! Her new album is certainly awesome!Pretty lady with gifted voice! Go, Hannah! Go! Go! Go! =)

Jo-no said...
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Jo-no said...

Oh, stay out of politics la.... Its like...a guy who does know anything about computers ranting his views to a network admin about something...

I believe they are doing what they can la with the nation in mind...and us ranting wont make a difference...and a person who can love his country just depicts his flaws and integrity as a person....if that make sense...

Not that we should turn a blind eye on the mistakes or flaws or bad decisions they make, of course...we can talk bout it and state our views, just dont start to sound like we know "politics" and start talking like know it alls...thats just damn foolish... get me, rick? tim?san? and the rest? hahaha Go vote who you want, dont diss bout em like women at the market dissing ppl and throwing rumors around...if you want change that bad, get up and do something, take action. I dont know, but you might be a 40 year old with nothing better to do in life than sit at the computer throwing 'politics'. Hate it that much, get out of Malaysia. Youd never find a perfect goverment. Heck, the greatest nation isit screw it k ? I better stop before sounding like one of you.

Just my thought, (can I say"no offense..."? lol )

anyway,on the hannah!

yea shes preddy but I dont think her voice is THAT good. Good, but Ive heard better?...but yea, shes good...hahaha...But I to digress abit...My fav Malaysia celeb is Sarah tan... Shes hot. Too bad shes dating a loser whose slangs is so fake, its irritating...

....damn I sound so lansi in this comment post...pardon me people...

Leon said...


RIGHT On man !!!


I don't care :) I just love her for who she is


Jo-no said...

Thats the spirit, brother!

Leon said...


heheheh ... *grins*


By the way, Sarah Tan's singaporean .. not malaysian ...

She's hot though ... hehe