Wednesday, June 13, 2007

.: Waiting for a Star to Fall :.

I was in Velvet recently, on the week right before the hectic school holidays start. I don't usually party in KL, but Lynn was having her birthday party there, and I promised her I would at show up.

It was Mambo night, which meant Eighties music all night long. I was there with James, and we went early. Around 11 PM, the DJ played the original version of "Waiting for a Star to Fall" by Boy Meets Girl, albeit with a slightly faster tempo.

And just barely a few days before, I was debating with my group of buddies to determine our favourite songs of the Eighties and Nineties. And that night in Velvet, I knew that my claim of "Waiting for a Star to Fall" to be the best song of our growing up years is fully justified.

The groups 'Cabin Crew' and 'Sunset Strippers' both released a remixed version of this song about a year back, but the best number is still, without a doubt, the original.

Here you go guys. Eat your hearts out.


angel said...

I love Mambo nights! ;)

Ei, where's your Part 3??? Really potong stim :p

angel said...

Love the song BTW... but I love lots lots of songs from the 80's! But not the fashion tho... haha...

Leon said...

haha yeah .. mambo nights ROCKS!!!!

And do be patient, angel ... good things come to those who wait :)