Tuesday, May 13, 2008

.: Hot, Hot.. Way HOT!!! :.



Jo-no said...

Ah, youre back alive and exited, I see (twice as horny, perhaps?) Sweet.

Whats her name ? An actress or singer ? Yeh, shes gorgeous !

Leon said...

Hi Jono,

Nice to see you stopping by :)

Her name is Marie Digby, and she became really famous after singing a cover version of the song "Umbrella" on youtube.

The ballade-like Umbrella version you are hearing from Mix.Fm these days are from Marie Digby.

And she was just in Kuala Lumpur last week :)

Jo-no said...

Oh, am in Australia at the mo so I wouldnt be listening to mix.fm ^^.

Checked her out on youtube and the songs she written. Heres Jono's critic.Yea shes pretty, but as for her songs...no hit material? In the end its just another pop-ish song. Her voice isn't that strong either. No much resonance to it. Its sweet and pleasant of course...but thats about it. She might be sorta popular but she wont be BIG i guess. Haha...
Check out Mandy Moores cover on umbrella. Much better.

But back to your post. YEAA shes hot. Jono wants. ga ga !

sona said...

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