Wednesday, June 11, 2008

.: I'm Sorry :.

I'm sorry, first and foremost, to all my friends. I know I announced my wedding plans to you guys, and gave you all a tentative date. I know that some of you from as far as New Zealand, Australia and Singapore have made your travel bookings. I am honored, as always, for friends like you guys, and I promise to make it up to you soon.

Still, I urge you to come back too... let's have a party nevertheless. Without the bachelor's night, of course. Wait, what am I saying? Let's HAVE the bachelor nightS everyday that you guys are going to be here :)

I'm sorry, to my parents and my supposedly future in-laws. I know you are disappointed, but some things are just not meant to be. To my in laws, thank you for all your love during all these times. You guys are truly awesome. And yes, I will love your family and hold you in my heart forever.

To my blog visitors, I know that I did always try to keep my promises written here. But this is one promise that I couldn't keep, so truly, my sincerest apologies. I ask for your understanding, and thank you for all your support.

To my one and only baby, I guess it was never meant to be. I think we both know that there are things that are sometimes very much beyond our very control, but I am truly sorry if there have been times when I have not treated you right. I enjoy every moment we spent together, and you are the best thing that has everhappen to me. And I will love you for the rest of my life. (That's a promise you can take to the bank, babe)

Everybody, I will not try to give a lengthy explanation on how things turn up the way it did, but I think you guys deserve at least the simple gist of it for now. So here it goes:

Marriage Not Happening. Involves Third Party. And Not On My Side, don't go jump into conclusions. It's a guy. And the fella's bloody married. And I know him well. I am not angry at him. I am not angry at anybody, in fact.

Since this post is about apologies, there should not be any details. But I'll have a more juicy, tell-all, revealing everything in my next post. Until then, cheers everybody.


pamsong said...

I "jumped to conclusions". =(

Leon said...


rainbow angeles said...

i'm so sorry to hear that you had to go thru' all that shit.. what won't kill you can only make u stronger, aye?

cheong thung pat yue tuen thung... u get the drift, yes? :) all the best! take care! :)

rainbow angeles said...

oops... sorry.. just in case u dunno who i am.. angel laa.. the one who gave you THAT Four Tops song la.. :p

Leon said...

Hi Angel,

Of course I know who you are :) haha nobody can forget an angel

Anyway, you are always one of the first to comment on my posts.. and how on earth you know I updated them, still baffles me haha

And don't worry about me, when you read my next post, you will see that all is well, and that I am fine, happy and contented :)

Cheers, and thanks so much angel.

rainbow angeles said...

ahhh.. there's this thing called feed reader ;-) i got mine from Bloglines :)

i'm glad to know that all is well! it can only get better from now ;-)

Jo-no said...
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Jo-no said...

Sorry to hear pal. I guess its experiences like this that continue to shape the people who go thru it. Better than ending up in marriage before that kinda stuff happen eh...

You're alright :)

Leon said...

Thanks, both angeles and jo-no.

and yeah, i'm cool :)

Anonymous said...

Did you give that women a good f8ck in the ass?

Leon said...


What the FUCK that's wrong with you ?

Fucking idiot.

*adelaine said...

oh my god.. my dear.. hope u r going through this ok. life played areally cruel one on you.

sona said...

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