Wednesday, July 30, 2008

.: Wireless Leon :.

I just bought myself an AVF Bluetooth USB adapter to talk to my N82 today, instead of the usual USB cable which I have been using. That cable was the last and final piece of item that made me still a 'wired' person.
I access the internet at home via the Linksys WRT54G wireless router. My router connects to the Jaring SOMA Port modem, which in turns connects to the internet, guess what, wirelessly!

Since I usually work from Starbucks, I am normally connected to the Nomaxis USG Smart Gateway or the Proxim AP 4000 (the only two kinds of APs found in Starbucks Malaysia).
I prefer wireless mice for the freedom that they give, and currently, I'm using the Microsoft Notebook Wireless Optical Mouse 4000.

On my mobile, I check my email, send MMSes, surf the net, chat, and send multimedia content to friends, take hot babes' photos, in addition to checking out locations on GPS.

So here we go. Leon is officially certified IEEE 802.1Z fully wireless! (Now I'm wondering when I'm gonna get brain cancer, or if my kids are gonna be born with 3 eyes and a tail)


*adelaine said...

they are bad enuff if they are born like u... hahhahah :) wireless cloning?

Leon said...

LOLLLLLLzzzzzzz ...

You know, ur right there.... If there's more Leon Jrs, oh, I think it's gonna be the end of the world..


pamsong said...

Eh, you look different!

And... out of curiosity, did you go for a Malay wedding two weekends ago?

Leon said...

Pam, nah .. and that pic was from 4 years back..

pamsong said...

Ooo. Okay. Bleh. Thought I saw you. Rarr.