Thursday, July 17, 2008

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There is this little country in Africa called Zimbabwe. Once the economic crown jewel of the continent about 30 years or so back, today it has an inflation rate of 9 MILLION percent (July 08. In August 08, the figure is estimated to be a mind boggling TWENTY MILLION percent).

Typically, Malaysia's official inflation rate is around 5-8 %. But if we have that kind of rate, your cup of RM 1.20 teh ais this morning at may cost RM 2,000.00 during lunch time, RM 12,000.00 during dinner. And tomorrow it just may cost RM 2 Million per cup.

That's all due to that crap piece of shit Robert Mugabe, the self declared President of the republic.

Well, I'm not gonna write about economics, interesting as it may be in Zimbabwe. I'm going to write about how this country runs itself and brought about the extreme suffering of the people (like for example, about HALF of the population is HIV+).

Shit hole Mugabe runs the country with an iron fist. He tolerates absolutely no opposition to his rule. He constantly takes drastically inhumane to ensure his absolute rule, for example:

- The opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is constantly harassed, beaten up, arrested, house-arrested and have his family threatened with torture and death.

- The rest of the lucky opposition party members are being charged in court, while the not-so-lucky ones are held without trial, tortured, beaten up and some 'silenced'.

- Voting process is heavily and openly rigged with all kinds of tricks imaginable, and in summary, the polls is just a bloody joke.

- Anyone who is found to have voted for the opposition are being threatened, beaten up or worse.

Shit hole Mugabe has alienated himself from the rest of the world by pissing off leaders from US, UK, EU, his African neighbours and also most of the Asian countries (his latest statement about the rest of the world is "Tell them to go hang themselves"). The only world public figure who openly declares his allegiance and offers asylum for Mugabe is Tun Dr Mahathir, our really smart ex Premier. That really says a lot about the Tun, doesn't it?

Mugabe also fully uses his police and army force to harrass his citizens and instill fear in them.

His propaganda machine controls the media, therefore broadcasting only selected items for the public.

His ministers are all puppets and yes-sir men, and they are all corrupted to the core.

His country is ruled by one party since independence in the 80s, and the
ZANU-PF party is full of corrupted idiots, zealots and parrots.

So Zimbabwe's a really screwed up country eh? Well, try Malaysia. Are we so different? We are already heading in that direction, and heck, we are just lucky to have OIL and other natural resources to sustain the corruption and feed the people.

As my best friend Andrew remarked, we are graduating from Zimbabwe University to do our Masters at North Korea U.

I don't write political stuffs on this blog. But this have to be an exception since we are heading into a really bad time. People, do your part. Spread the news. Silence is no longer an option.

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