Thursday, December 22, 2005

.: What I want for Christmas is... :.

First of all, I do apologise to the regular visitors here, as I have not been updating my blog for the past month or so.

Now what do I want for Christmas? Traditional answers would dictate that I answer the following, in order of least important to the most, an so my politically correct Christmas and New Year wishes are:

5. A great career year ahead
4. Good health
3. Spend some quality time roasting chestnuts by the fire with loved ones
2. Gather around the dinner table with family members on Christmas eve laughing all the way
1. Bringing my wife and kids to a real winter wonderland in Canada (No, I'm not married. Neither do I have kids, or at least, none that I know of or will acknowledge their very existence, but this wish sounded real pious, so what the heck)

But oh for crying out loud, what issit that I really wish for Christmas and New Year? Here's the naked truth:

5. For Manchester United to win the Mickey Mouse treble (FA, League and Premiership) this season to save all Devils the blushes.
4. A Holly Valance and Jessicca Alba duet performing an exotic bisexually-themed dance (with the full monty, of course) just for me
3. I want my virginity, my innocence and my devotion to religion returned back to me (not that I have much of all of them to start with, but again, that's not the point here)
2. A filthy amount of money
1. A Tissot T-Touch Classic (for those of you boys, eat your hearts out. This baby comes with Touch Screen enabled Altimeter (in feet and metres), Chronograph (split and add time), Compass, Alarm, Thermometer (in ºC and ºF), Barometer as well as Date and Time (choice of 12H and 24H))

Merry Christmas, everybody :)


Chienne said...

i want... too many things to list here. but i know you can afford me a little something, spread the festive spirit?

*adelaine said...

do u know u can get everything if this wish:

5. A great career year ahead

leads to:

2. A filthy amount of money

hahahhahaha.. happi new year sweetie!

Chienne said...

hey fatty, here's a BMI calculator i stumbled upon:

Leon said...

The BMI Calculater says I'm doing rather healthy :)


zi-zi said...

For a filthy load of money and i'll buy you a dozen Tissots and 3some with holly and Jessica Abla. Just to show you i know how to spend, i'll kick the glazers of the board and buy you 5 throphies.

some much abt the money bro. As for our eternal brotherhood and happiness..PRICELESS!

haf a great year ahead!

zi-zi said...

oh by the way, the bmi calculator says a i'm the epitome of health and fitness. any takers??