Friday, February 03, 2006

.: Electric Dreams :.

For yet another time, I get to see your beautiful smile, your lovely face and savor that sweet aroma from your favourite fragrance. Yes, though it is only once a year that I get to see you, I love the sweet, almost painful, but nevertheless intoxicating allure of it.

I don't think we'll ever be together again, nor do I hope for it to happen. But you are special to me, and I think you know that. I know you feel the same, but it's that arrogance on both our side that makes both of us not willing to let go our guards even a little, never mind openly admit that fact.

This year though, one song goes out to us, so I hope you like it. Till next year then, my immortal Aig Gniiy .

Together In Electric Dreams By Oakey Philip And Moroder Giorgio

I only knew you for a while
I never saw your smile
'Til it was time to go
Time to go away (time to go away)

Sometimes it's hard to recognise
Love comes as a surprise
And it's too late'
It's just too late to stay
Too late to stay

We''ll always be together
However far it seems(Love never ends)
We'll always be together
Together in Electric Dreams

Because the friendship that you gave
Has taught me to be brave
No matter where I go
I'll never find a better prize(Find a better prize)
Though you're miles and miles away

I see you every day
I don't have to try
I just close my eyes
I close my eyes
We'll always be together
However far it seems

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