Tuesday, March 20, 2007

.: The Dreaded Commitment :.

I was watching the long winded movie, "An Officer and A Gentleman" starring Richard Gere last night, and boy, what a LONG movie it was.

Not much substance to it, I must add, but there's one point finely highlighted rather beautifully in the film: the phobia of men towards commitment and the tricks slimy bitches are using to lure men to get hitched. *sigh*

Ladies, leave men ALONE!!!!!!!!

So what if we like to live as if there's not a care in the world? So what if we love to have free flowing sex, booze and fast cars? So what if we booze and smoked and get stoned till we dropped? So what if we are still not ready to settle down, even at the age of 40?

So what, so what, so what?

You wanna settle down? Fine. Go find some geeky virgin fresh out of high school. You want a husband? Fine, go get one on Match.com or answer to the newspaper ads.

How come every gal goes out with a guy, and immediately plans for the long term shit (with some even thinking about the kids' names)?

Why can't we just go out with you, shag, and leave it at that? Why can't we take things as it comes, you know, live like there's no tomorrow, TODAY?

*sigh* Just leave us the hell alone, alright?

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