Tuesday, April 03, 2007

.: Babies :.

I have started noticing this back about a decade ago, and recent new aquaintances have just shored up my curiosity a notch further.

Is it just me, or is it true that girls who share the same name also share the same common traits?

Let me list down a few, and see if you agree:

Michelle - Pretty, sexy, straight talker, disliked by most other girls, hard to maintain a long relationship, big boobs

Rachael / Racheal / Rachel - Usually found with long straight hair, and has a strong scent of sex appeal around her

Kelly / Cally - Tall, great figure, target of most guys in high school / college and has a high sex drive or is usually horny

Irene - Exotic, asian look, soft hearted, likes to hang out with the wrong type of boys

Karen / Caren - Aggressive, not so pretty, usually earns good money, or comes from well to do families

Sharon - Horny

Amy - Pretty, but usually also ends up with wrong kinds of buggers and screws up their lives

Stephanie - Attractive, great body, highly manipulative

Cheryl - Smart, pretty

Emily - Sweet, sexy

Tracy - Damn bloody high sex drive

Esther - Usually looks ordinary, but great at dressing and make up to cover for the shortfall

Melanie - Smart as hell

Jessie / Jess / Jessy - Totally screwed up life, falls for guys easily, usually quite attractive

Hannah - very pretty, very popular back in high school / college

Jacqueline - bloody manipulative bitches


pamsong said...

This post has NOTHING to do with babies!!! Don't be so blah okay. Raise my hopes then kill them. Blah.

Jo-no said...

Shes just mad you left her out in the list, Leon.

Leon said...


Aren't all these babies ? Look, to me most gals, bitchy or not, are babies k ?

Including you. So don't be mad ne more k ?


hehehe *grins*

pamsong said...

Pfft. I ain't no baby.

Though it could be cool to just have to cry and suddenly the world's all bright-sunshiny-day again. =p

*stabs Jono*

Leon said...

Okie dokie, baby.

Chienne said...


i just spotted this post. LOL. accurate enough, if i try hard enough not to be perasan and ignore name number four there.

especially for the last one, just had a run-in with a bitch called jacqueline. blah.

and yeah, what's all that about referring girls as babies?