Saturday, April 21, 2007

.: Manchester Utd 7 - 1 AS Roma :.

One of my proudest moment, really. Second only to the 1999 Treble year.


angel said...

This is where u hide! Saw u @ Freethinker's! Hmmph!

Ei, I sent you the song that you & I been looking for ages! Did u get it??

Leon said...

Hey hey :)

Glad to see u stopping by again .. heheh

And NO, i did NOT get that song *sigh*

can resend ? - Email / MSN

angel said...

*wipes your drool*

I just sent you the song at your residentsniper! If still tarak, drop me a note in my chatbox? ;)

ps: My two months old niece seem to like this song haha! Each time she cries at my place, I'll put this song on and she'll keep quiet and enjoy the song... ;)

Leon said...

Thanks thanks thanksssss :) got it, and it was absolutely wonderful wonderful wonderful of you...

I was willing to pay anything for that song, ya know :)

anyway, how on earth did you managed to grab the mp3 of such a rare song?

how can I ever ever ever repay you ?

*hugs* *hugs* *hugs*!!!!