Tuesday, October 11, 2005

.: Shocking :.

Let me give you guys a run down introduction of a recent blog that shocked me to high heavens:

"scums are for the dumps
Suanie posted in About This & Other Blogs on October 11th, 2005

I hate poor people. It is said that you can’t help being born – while that is sadly the undeniable truth, it doesn’t stop people like me from looking down on you with contempt and disgust. Some environmentalists say that being poor is not necessarily a bad thing, less consumer goods and less plastic used and stuff like that. There was no study done on this, I just made it up on the spot as a lame justification for the existence of poor people......"

Suanie went on to call poor people "scums", ugly people "irresponsible living organism", disabled persons "blame their genetic makeup for everything that goes wrong", and fat people "a menace to society".

I am not known for my tact nor humility, and yet I found the entry extremely repulsive. That blog entry was clearly on the borderline of being highly seditious and criminal against humanity.

I strongly believe in Karma. This person, should she not repent, will one day get to enjoy the exact life of persons that she so despise. That much, I am sure.


KY said...

that was a parody, a joke. cheer up

mikel lian said...

maybe i should go to bed now ... the world's crazy ...

minishorts said...

darling you should learn how to read everything before jumping to half baked conclusions based on first three paragraphs.

if you're not careful, yes KARMA will get back at you, but i'm sure you know that already.